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EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ) This is a simple to learn and implement technique which is based on acupressure points.  It can be used for many emotional and physical issues. MORE INFO

Heal Your Life Workshops

Heal Your Life Workshops As a certified  Louise Hay Workshop leader,  we not only run Heal Your Life workshops but incorporate many of Louise Hay’s Philosophies into each program. Louise Hay is also a great supporter of EFT. MORE INFO

EFT Meditations

EFT Meditations Meditation allows you to go into that deep sub conscious part of you that is able to connect to the source of all things, whatever you call that source. It is that quiet place where all things are known and understood. MORE INFO

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You Can Heal Your Life Workshop

Our Heal Your Life Workshop is just one of the courses we run regularly to help you overcome limiting beliefs and to begin to help you to Create Positive Changes in your life.

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.

ARTICLES ~ Bring Your Body, Mind and Spirit into Balance

Free EFT World Summit Online

Come and join us for this Amazing free online Event The Tapping World Summit. Listen to 20 skilled EFT practitioners lead you through some simple yet profound exercises Click here for access to the Tapping World Summit

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Check your Stress level

Stress has an Enormous effect on your Health  

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3 Minute Meditations

3 Minute Meditations for Daily Stress Relief There are now over 3000 studies on the benefits of meditation.  Millions of people worldwide practice it, it is even promoted by many organizations for the physical and emotional health of their employees.  Stress not...

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Discover Your Inner Wisdom

EFT and its Positive Effects on Anxiety

  • Works on Acupressure points
  • Allows you to be in Control
  • Defuses intense Emotions
  • Simple to Learn. Easy to Use. Anywhere Anytime

Monday EFT Meditations


  • Helping you to connect to your Inner Wisdom
  • All the Answers you seek are Within You
  • Releasing Negative Energy. Filling you with Unconditional Love
  • All in a safe loving enviroment with wonderful people

Information Evening Recrea8 Your Body

  • Free Informational Workshop
  • A ~ Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit ~ Approach
  • Sometimes it's not about what you are EATING
  • It's about what's EATING YOU

Recreate Your Body

Often our subconscious mind holds the key. Of course you Consciously WANT to lose weight, but we often carry a layer of fat to protect us from something. It may not be logical or rational, but the subconscious mind has a good reason for keeping you the way you are. Discover your blocks and how to release them.
Very often this is more about learned patterns than genetics. Strange how sometimes not only is the family overweight but the dog and cat are too. We often learn things about food. Were you given sweets as a reward? Do you have happy memories around food? Was food comforting? Patterns start early in life. Replacing past beliefs and patterns is the key.
Really .... its all about finding YOUR triggers. Discovering your patterns and changing how your subconscious mind relates to food. We have a number of techniques to help you release your past programming.
That's because so very often it isn't about what you are EATING - but about what is EATING you! From an early age you have been programmed and are still following a program that serves you in some way. Yes there are medical reasons why some of us are the way we are, but I have found rewiring your brain to follow a new set of beliefs is the best way to bring about the results you truly desire .